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Autor Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 10-01-2019 13:17
An internet search can be helpful in finding these portals online. Ribbon laces may also be used instead of straps to give a more feminine attitude. Away from the 14 million vehicles all the Far East car and truck scene may have put on the fishing line the following year, lots sports synthetic leather furniture fixtures. However, if you're looking to invest in a long term relationship with your headphones, the Crossfades offer up a premium build, excellent sound quality, and are a flexible solution for a number of different applications.

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The Fletcher Pump provides the owner with a sense of luxury with its leather, pointed-toe style and a boldly fashionable metallic chain across the vamp. Today, wedding dresses are meant to flaunt some skin and are quite revealing. They also exhibit a disturbing 'iffiness' in one key feature, sound terribly echoey with voice chat, and make changing earpads too much of a challenge. The Moda Spana Eliza Sling is a great companion for any pair of pants, from casual jeans to the most sophisticated formal trousers.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 04-09-2019 16:02
Those are vastly different cars. What do you like in a car? From the options you listed, the things they have in common are speed and luxury. If you go towards the Mercs, there is more emphasis on the luxury and comfort aspect, but they are a bit pedestrian and personally I wouldnt ever go for those two. If youre considering a 570S, and money isnt an issue, then go for it. Youll have daily excitement and something truly special to spend your time in.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 04-09-2019 19:01
Why not slum it and get two Audi S5s; give one to the professor who you think has helped you the most. Youd end up with a very nice car, and youd be able to share your good fortune abd express gratitude by doing9 something very nice for someone else.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 04-09-2019 19:10
Toyota Chatswood and Canterbury have the best reps in the NSW club. Fergusons and Noble have 86 owners in the service department who will look out for your car.

Non-Toyota options include Garage 88 and VSport out west, Tunehouse down south, and generally any Subaru specialist will be a good place to go.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 04-09-2019 22:02
I can offer job for full time in the garage in Ireland for some who have experience with car electronics fault finding,diagnostic,adaptations,ECU programming,immo-keys coding.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 04-10-2019 17:38
I think the Nissan Versa would be a great fit. Who will be financing this?? The BRZ is a better daily than anything else youve mentioned. If you want to impress your parents, be responsible and get something more down to earth, like an Audi S4; dont make your daily the car that requires the most care

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 04-10-2019 22:30
Im still contemplating to go to my Toyota dealer or to go to third party and have it looked after more properly.
Anyone knows a great place to have your car serviced? I try to avoid my car being serviced by someone who doesnt care. Thanks

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 05-10-2019 09:58
go with the M3 if possible.

This car is a fine track car, but like you called it, it is a newer fatter Miata.

With the power mods you listed not sure about those some one else might chime in on that.

It will take a good chunk of money to make it faster, about 3-5k is the average.
The brakes: in this car if you do a lot of track time, its worth the bbk upgrade.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 05-10-2019 13:30
Grats on your masters degree

By the way, I think it is sacrilege for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering not knowing how to drive manual. So you must pick MT, and L2MT. k? Good luck, and may the force be with you sir

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 05-10-2019 13:39
That E36 sounds awesome but I suppose the catch at the price is the reliability.

Id bet youd be happier skipping straight to FI on the 86 if youre really looking to have that in between setup, you should be able to reliably match that 265 whp number while making the 86 lighter, <2600 lbs with full interior isnt too hard to do.

I agree with Code Monkey, go get some ride alongs. I think youll have to spend some money to get the 86 where youre happy with it while that E36 sounds pretty close to built where youd want it.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 05-10-2019 16:31
The M3 is going to make the FRS feel very slow power wise. I track a non-M e36 but with a lot of M upgrades as well as my BRZ, and the e36 accelerates noticeable quicker than my BRZ. The BRZ is overall a faster car on the track though. Consumables are pretty close in cost and not bad at all. The e36s can also be pretty reliable if you do the "normal" maintenance on them.

Its a tough choice but I dont think you can go wrong either way.

BTW, where is this M3 because if you dont buy I might to swap my good non-M parts into

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 05-10-2019 17:47
ive been doing my research like you, deciding what to go with and i can tell you with i think confidence that unless youre installing on your own, you wont meet a budget of under 6000.... ive got 2 local shops im looking at one on this forum to get my stuff done, but regardless of who i go with, i think im looking at 7-8.5k because of installation smiley

im just not tech savvy/brave enough to attempt on my own...and unless youve got an excellent friend/dad i wouldnt try either. no point in blowing up your first car cuz you accidently put wire b on a or something ...

tl;dr, i really like phantom and jackracing numbers. personally as a daily driver with no intent of tracking every single weekend, i found them more then suitable and easily managed, at least what ive read. but let me know what u go with i like hearing as many testimonies as possible

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 05-10-2019 17:54
The FRS is my gift to myself for getting a masters in ME too. My current car is a manual POS Saturn I got for free a year ago, but do what I did the first time I drove it: tell yourself you are a MASTER of engineering, you know exactly how the transmission works, and just do it. No lessons required.

Btw, what school?

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 05-10-2019 19:20
Realistically if you do your own work, you can have a full Kraftwerks kit for a hair under 4000 and that does include an oil cooler.

If you want to do it right though:

Oil Cooler
Catch Cans

Those 3 are what I think should be required for any FI build regardless of what you use the car for in that order. 1100 for those parts. Im talking about dual catch cans as well in that price.

Tuning is the other part that has to be taken care of which involves a license, cable if you want your own, and tuning time. All that together is probably about 800-900 depending on who you use.

If you can manage to squeeze all that in and do things yourself outside of the tuning, you will be around your 6k budget. The install itself will almost be 1000 if you have someone do it, but SCs are cake to install compared to turbos.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 05-10-2019 19:46
So Ive been doing some research, and I decided that I am getting an SC mod at the end of this year. Here are my goals and I could really use some suggestions.
Budget:under 6K in total, tax, shipping, installing etc.

Now: Stock 2015 limited BRZ, 6MT
Goal 260 WHP, the more the merrier as long as its under the budget and reliable.
I am thinking about a supercharger kits probably vortech, performance wheels and tires for now. I dont know much about the clutch or pulleys, but if it meets my need, why not?
No suspension or exhaust unless its absolutely necessary. I am concerned about the legal issues with emission and noise. Also I like the way the suspension feels right now, I dont want a super modified street racer.

To sum up, four basic principles, reliable, legal, under the budget and not too flamboyant. I am sure which brands to choose except for the SC, so anything would be helpful.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 06-10-2019 07:08
Hello all first post here. I am a 20 year old university student here in New Zealand and currently drive a BRZ as my first car. I am likely getting a new car at the end of next year when I am halfway through my studies and the new car will be used as a daily for university. So need opinions thanks. The cars that I have had my eyes on is mainly a Mercedes glc63s amg which I could get but have also been thinking about a c63s or possibly a Mclaren 570s if the price drops a little bit by the end of next year. What do you people think? Please let me know your opinions or any recommendations of other cars I could look into. Thanks

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 03-11-2019 10:12
So far Im having a great time with the vortech kit. No problems whatsoever yet. Im making 270whp with the stock pulley and fuel system. I do have full exhaust mods though, so 260whp with the stock exhaust system would be doable for sure.
If you are doing the install, you could make budget.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 03-11-2019 18:49
For 6K USD, youre either a going to do the install yourself or b find a used kit.

Good luck though. Dont be discouraged, and the best recommendation is, although you budget 6K, have 8K ready.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 04-11-2019 00:10
I graduated college last summer, and I am getting the MT FRS hopefully this weekend. Pre-approved for loans, have downpayment ready, etc. Just a matter of it being delivered.

I also dont know how to drive MT. I only drove my dads MT pickup truck for a couple hours once; it isnt too hard, but I will probably stall a couple times when im getting used to the FRS.

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Autor RE: Details For car - Where To Go

Dodane dnia 04-11-2019 09:12
Thanks for the advice. Think I let myself overthink this call, true engineering style.

Put myself on the waitlist for a MT Asphalt or Hot Lava FRS. In the meantime, going to test drive a 350Z among others this weekend.

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