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Autor Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 29-11-2018 07:32
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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-09-2019 13:47
I am very careful of what organizations I donate to, but this discussion board has so many features that it's like driving a luxury car.

Some boards don't even has 1/10th the functionality of this board. So if you drive a luxury car, it will cost a little more. The board's software features has saved me a lot of time--still learning-- so it's worth it for me.

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-09-2019 18:46
One forum I belonged to sponsored advertising but if you were a donor you did not see the ads

Another turned off features like signatures or avatars over a certain size unless you were a donor

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-09-2019 22:45
The Owners of this board should consider placing Ads on the board. Like AdSense and Ad space that can be sold to customers.

Then install a AdBlock detect so it can block joyriders and you're set.

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-10-2019 10:26
The people that said its a bad idea on those tire sizes are full retards.

Yes you can use both those sizes only differences is side wall hight. 40 are shorter 45 well you guessed it, taller. Personally Ill stick to 45 only because you get a tad bit more ride comfort.

As for rubbing, LOL you are nowhere near close to rubbing. Even with spacers.
Speaking of spacers, you can run them with no issues. Personally its just for looks and you just add more work to what needs be. Your call, your wallet.

And Ill just drop this little tip on tires. If you pay more than 130 for Michelin PSS or whatever silly Michelin tire youre a chump. Just sayn

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-10-2019 12:32
Good evening everyone,

My OEM tires are coming to the end of their lives. I was looking at getting some aftermarket wheels since I have to change tires anyways, but since I’m still paying off the car, that will have to wait.

The stock tires are pretty narrow so my question is if it is okay to move up to maybe a 225/40/17 or 225/45/17 on the stock wheels. I believe some people have already done this. However, some advise not to while others say it works no problem.

Also, could I add maybe 20mm spacers? How would the slightly wider tires and spacers affect the over balance and handling of the car? Would I have any rubbing issues? If it would affect the car negatively, then I’ll just get a good tire in the OEM size. I also plan to stay stock on suspension for a while. As stated before, I’m paying off the car so coilovers and all that will have to wait. I’m just looking for a way to give my car a nicer stance overall. Thank you for your time and any advice will be much appreciated.

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-10-2019 16:26
Where is the link for the donation page? It should be at the top.

Anyway, I don't like it that it's so much more expensive to run this place.

I always donated just to keep this place running, just the way it is. Not to add features.

Well, the donor flag was enough for me as well as not being nagged for donations for a month, but I know some people didn't donate at all because they didn't want to draw attention to themselves.

When I hear about donating towards features all I see is a group of goals and all being funded at between 6-12, stuck in the works. It's like the average of a funding website, where people donate to a cause and everything is just a sliver of the way funded. Tell me I'm wrong.

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-10-2019 19:02
ive serched and come across alot of information but i cant see what im looking for, alot of the information im looking for is lost in a 300 page post somewhere or is outdated information.

i have the OFT but recently bought a forced induction kit, obviously i need a tune. i dont want to spend another 600 on the ecuteck despite it being one of the better routes. what are my options for the OFT? do any good tuners use the OFT?

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-10-2019 20:54
Rent the sponsors their own forum, kind of like a cyber mini mall. This will direct any spam to a limited area. If you get lucky and get say Centuryy 21 and they know how to thread start they COULD educate readers on home loans and rates. On site professional services for members.

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-10-2019 21:10
For what its worth, the Whiteline Rear Subframe inserts do a really wonderful job of tightening up the rear end. Theyre very easy to install as well.

Just a word of warning though, with the rear diff inserts, these inserts cause a lot of NVH. Way too much for a DD in my humble opinion. Theyd probably be fine on their own.

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-10-2019 22:33
It looks like there are several options at 900. I am currently looking at the proven Invidia Q300 vs 100 more for the Nur-Spec VS.

Factors impacting decision:
- - mufflers with stuffing have limited lifespan since stuffing burns out with track use, so expect to replace every 1-2 years max to maintain <93db
- aero-friendly design
- no ETA on the ACE baffled muffler
- lack of re-packable muffler options used to have one made by BOE on Lotus Elise

Ill probably order one of the two and swap when enough stuffing gets blown out of my current Q300 for the rasp to become loud.
I may also look for a muffler shop to cut open my old Q300 and repack it. Wish I knew what Q300 looked like from the inside, to tell the muffler shop where to cut.

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 05-10-2019 06:18
Thats an insane price. On all the older cars I used to play with where a nice exhaust = a custom exhaust, I always used "Thermal Research and Development" mufflers.

How do you pull them apart to repack them? How much will that add to price to have a couple of Vbands on both sides? etc

A quality muffler is going to take thousands of track miles to fall apart. I bet in the time itd take you to replace one, even 2, TR&D muffler, youll still be money ahead and will have likely moved on to a different car.

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 05-10-2019 16:59
larger or decorative font for member name after donating.

Notation or animated GIF I signature line.

V.I.P. board within forum for donors with fun/unique content and interaction inaccessible to non donors.

PF game.

Just a couple ideas.

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Autor RE: Options For Rapid Products In car

Dodane dnia 04-11-2019 15:19
Earlier I thought differently, many thanks for the help in this question.

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